Case Studies

Managing complex rainwater damage repairs in an occupied residential building

Over the difficult period of COVID Snape Munroe have successfully completed a walkway and canopy repair scheme for a city centre apartment building.

This project was technically challenging and had to be carefully project managed whilst the building was still in full occupation and use by both residents and members of the public.

The external walkways and canopy comprised plywood decking coated in a liquid applied waterproof membrane, sat on timber joists and supported on a galvanised steel framework. The liquid applied waterproof coating had cracked and failed over time allowing rainwater landing on the canopy, and walkways below, to soak into and rot the plywood decking and support joists.

Initially Snape Munroe were asked to undertake a visual condition survey followed up by intrusive investigation work to understand construction makeup, extent of disrepair and provide budget cost advice for the necessary remedial repairs.

With technical input from the appointed professional team an enhanced repair specification was compiled with the introduction of rainwater goods to better manage discharge of water from the canopy.

Snape Munroe then attained competitive prices for the work, advised the client on which contractor offered “best value” and project managed the works to their successful conclusion.

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